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If you’ve ever wondered whether the sayings of Chairman Mao could be enacted by a platoon of strippers dancing to the tune of ‘Climb Every Mountain’, this is the book for you.

THE MAO TSE TUNG WORKERS REVOLUTIONARY STRIPTEASE EMPORIUM is the belated sequel to Peter and my successful Soho novel IT’S YOUR MONEY IN MY POCKET, DEAR, NOT MINE IN YOURS and the third book in our ‘London Chronicles’ series.

Set in 1974, it follows directly on from Book Two in the series, UP THE PICTURES (the re-released, re-titled ENGULFED IN A TIDE OF FILTH) and takes up the story of Le Can-Can strip club after former stage manager Jeff returns to his duties having failed to make it as a photographer. The trouble is, soon after he returns, the club’s fearsome owner Enrico retires to champion ramblers’ rights in the Cotswolds, and aging choreographer Honor decides to throw in her lot with her wealthy boyfriend, leaving the club heading steadily for the rocks. The answer? A workers’ buy-out, bankrolled by unlikely financier Chan, the club’s irascible Chinese carpenter, who has amassed a fortune by eating nothing but boiled rice for twenty years. Needless to say, it’s never going to be plain sailing for a business run by a co-operative of strippers, headed up by a swivel-eyed Maoist with anger management and linguistic problems.

As the Manchester Evening News said about IT’S YOUR MONEY, EMPORIUM is ‘not for puritan readers.’ As The Times also said about MONEY, it’s ‘a book defying classification,’ containing a similar mix of riotous farce, surreal filth, touching romance and dodgy dealings, this time with added murder and mayhem. Full of seventies atmosphere, firmly set in pre-clean-up Soho, THE MAO TSE TUNG WORKERS REVOLUTIONARY STRIPTEASE EMPORIUM can be read either as the third book in the ‘London Chronicles,’ or as a direct sequel to IT’S YOUR MONEY. Next in the series, FLASH CHORD, will be published in early 2014.


Written by Chris Trengove

August 5, 2013 at 4:07 pm