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Kevin Hopgood has done a very cool cover featuring Ninelives and Tabith aboard their war rat, and CLAWS OF THUNDER is now up for sale on Amazon Kindle. Sales for CLAWS OF FURY are slowly picking up, and hopefully there’ll now be symbiosis between the two titles. THUNDER is aimed at a slightly higher age group than FURY, and takes the story on a year or so from the ending of the first book. This time round Ninelives and co. investigate an eco-disaster, along the way encountering electric storms, giant mutant creatures and marauding dog soldiers. In a thrilling final showdown, Ninelives goes head to head with Gizzard the Merciless, in a battle that he can’t afford to lose. CLAWS OF THUNDER is the second volume of a projected Trilogy, with the third, CLAWS OF VENGEANCE, now in development. Watch this space!


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February 22, 2012 at 7:25 pm


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I’ve finally finished CLAWS OF THUNDER, the follow-up to CLAWS OF FURY and hopefully the second part of a trilogy. My old compadre Peter Lawrence has done some much-appreciated editorial work, and at the time of writing well-known comic book artist Kevin Hopgood (Judge Dredd, 2000 AD, Iron Man) is working on a cover. (He’s also putting the finishing touches to a new cover for FURY – so there’ll be visual uniformity betwen the books.

CLAWS OF THUNDER is aimed at a sightly older age-group than FURY, and is a little more violent than the previous book. There’s an eco sub-theme, but otherwise it’s the same mixture of daring action and high adventure as before, featuring young Katzers Ninelives, Tabith, Mynx and Spacer. Female Mangy chief Scarab plays a big part too. Watch this space for an Amazon Kindle publication date.

Written by Chris Trengove

February 1, 2012 at 10:22 am