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Anyone who’s a Thundercats fan – and there are plenty around, as a quick Google search will reveal – will be interested to hear of a new book – HEAR THE ROAR, by British writer David Crichton. It’s a well-researched, comprehensive round-up of all things Thundercatesque, including sections on the writers, the designers, the producers, the voice-over artists, the spin-off toys – in fact just about everything that fans – or even those with just a passing interest – might be interested in. For once, the writers are given due credit – especially my old chum and collaborator Peter (‘Mr. Thundercat’) Lawrence, who manfully script-edited two series while simultaneously contributing a bunch of excellent scripts. All together now… Thunder…thunder…thunder… Thundercats Ho-o-o-o! – and off to the bookshop. HEAR THE ROAR is published by Telos Publishing.


Written by Chris Trengove

August 1, 2011 at 11:20 am